Texas Plans

For parents and guardians who are looking for child only health insurance Texas has to offer, they can find these options here. In Texas, there are several options that can be chosen from. These options include private health insurance coverage purchased by the parents or guardians, Medicaid or CHIP, or Texas health insurance pool. These options are available for those who are looking to insure a child with health insurance, but do not need or want insurance for an adult. These options are available to meet the health needs of children in the state of Texas.

Private child only health insurance in Texas can be purchased by the parents or guardians. Depending on many factors including age of the child, health history and coverage level, this type of insurance can be a good choice for those who want private insurance. There are many options including managed health care, which is considered an HMO or PPO plan. These plans allow the child’s doctor to be chosen from a list of approved doctors in the area. There may be different options available for each plan depending upon the co-pay amount and deductible. There is typically an out of pocket limit for most managed health care options in Texas.

For children whose parents cannot afford medical insurance can be covered under the Medicaid or CHIP program. This is an option for child only health insurance Texas offers for those who fall below a specific income level. The child needs to be a Texas resident under the age of 19 years old to qualify. This health coverage includes benefits such as regular checkups, office visits, eye exams, hospitalization, prescriptions and also mental health treatments. The Texas Human Services Commission can be contacted to apply for this type of health coverage for children only.

Another option for child only health insurance Texas offers is called Texas health insurance pool. This type of insurance is available for children who cannot be covered by any other type of insurance in the state of Texas. Some children have preexisting medical or health conditions that preclude them from being accepted from any other type of coverage. The Texas health insurance pool helps to maintain health insurance for all children in the state. This was designed to ensure that children are not excluded from all insurances on the basis of health conditions. This type of insurance is often a last resort for many parents looking to insure their child.